Student Recruitment

The Faculty of Science and Technology organises the following student recruitment activities.

Activities throughout the year

Shadow a student

To give prospective applicants a better picture of the University, the campus and our programmes and courses, we offer upper secondary school students the chance to shadow our students for a day. If you would like to shadow a student, you fill in a form and we will do our best to find a student in the programmes you’re interested in. Shadowing may involve accompanying a student to a teaching session or a lab, and being shown round the campus. Lunch is on us! The visit lasts about half a day.

Subject visualisation

Ahead of the national applications round, we are developing subject visualisations for all our undergraduate programmes. Programme coordinators are involved, along with representatives from NUN and TUN. The idea is to provide a simple and easily understood picture of the subjects included in a programme and roughly how large a percentage of the programme they represent, so that prospective students can quickly get a sense of how much mathematics students have to take, for example, and how different programmes compare.

Webinars for Master’s programmes

During the autumn our international ambassadors are organising webinars with their home universities, and this will continue in the spring. These webinars will be supplemented in future with programme-specific webinars organised with programme coordinators and offered to prospective students who have applied to or shown an interest in a certain programme.

Uptown Tech, 11–12 November

Uptown Tech is an event intended for girls in the last year of an upper secondary school programme in natural sciences, engineering or technology. Over the course of a whole day, they have the chance to try out everything from robot programming to solving knotty mathematical problems. They get to hang out with our students, get some insight into student life and see the Ångström campus.

Uptown Tech website

International ambassadors

At the beginning of the autumn semester, we recruit international students from our Master’s programmes to be ambassadors and conduct webinars with their home universities during the academic year. They book their webinars themselves, present their programme and how they came to study in Sweden, and answer questions. They are paid a certain amount for this and receive a certificate.

Upper secondary school ambassadors

During the autumn, we recruit students to be upper secondary school ambassadors. The role involves visiting your old upper secondary school to present your route from school to university, talk a bit about your programme and answer questions about life as a student. The ambassadors receive some compensation for this, as well as travel expenses, and a certificate. We send out about 50 ambassadors per academic year.

Programme texts

Programme texts are updated every spring. Programme coordinators are invited to provide input for any changes and adjustments in the programme descriptions. The updates are produced in cooperation with communications officers engaged in student recruitment.

Timeline Teknat



Feedback and suggestions is sent out from the faculty.

April 30th

Corrections and updates are sent to the faculty.

1-31 May

The faculty works with the texts, possible questions are handled and discussed together with the program coordinator.

June 20th

All texts are done.

Undergraduate programmes – Elin Eriksson

Master’s programmes – Madeleine Buic Jansson

Instructions for programme descriptions

Open House

The Ångström Laboratory Open House is an event designed for students in the last year of upper secondary school in engineering, technology or natural sciences. Our undergraduate programmes are represented at an educational fair. Visitors are offered guided tours around campus and a panel discussion on student life and student housing. Invitations are sent by postcard. In 2022 we had a record number of visitors.

Open House website