Lifelong Learning

The Faculty of Science and Technology wants to initiate and support projects to develop courses for professionals and lifelong learning. The aim is to strengthen the ability to offer quality education to all those seeking continuing education, career change or skills development. The vision is that the faculty, through close contact with alumni, industry and the surrounding community, creates the conditions for offering lifelong learning throughout professional life.

Kvinna med grått hår skriver i anteckningsblock

The faculty's goal is that in five years, five percent of the faculty's students will be working professionals and that the range of courses for professionals and lifelong learning will correspond to five percent of the faculty's education.

Lifelong learning will be built up gradually and is seen as a long-term investment. In 2022, the government grant for the science area's education is just over SEK 540 million, which gives a target for lifelong learning courses of around SEK 25-30 million per year, which corresponds to about 390 full-year students.


  • Matías Urenda Moris, Lifelong learning Coordinator. Questions about the overall initiative.
  • Matias Urenda Moris
  • Sonja Droschke, Study and career counsellor. Questions about admission, eligibility and selection.
  • Sonja Droschke
  • Nina Lund, Communications Officer.
  • Nina Lund