Vice-Rector: Charlotte Platzer Björkman

Deputy Vice-Rector: Staffan Svärd

Dean of research: David Black-Schaffer

Dean of education: Lisa Freyhult

Dean of collaboration: Marcus Lindahl

The Faculty Office is the administrative support to the faculty. The Faculty Office is part of the University Administration and receives its mandate from the Disciplinary Domain Board. The Faculty Office's primary task is to support the Disciplinary Domain Board and other boards and committees, as well as the departments and units included in the disciplinary domain.

Contact the faculty/faculty office:

Temporary Head of the Faculty offce: Karin Berggren Bremdal
Temporary Vice head of the Faculty Office: Johanna Lundmark
Controller: Anna Sjölander

Questions about research

Do you have questions or need help with research funding, research collaboration, infrastructures or anything else related to research?

Contact Research Support Unit

Questions about administration, education and staff recruitment

Do you have questions about teacher recruitment, admission as a docent or distinguished teacher, promotion, the finances of the faculty or business planning?

Contact Faculty Administration, Education and Staff Recruitment Unit

Questions about student counselling

Har du frågor som rör vägledning för studenter eller handläggning av studentärenden?

Contact Student Services Unit

Questions about communication and cooperation with schools

Do you have questions about student recruitment, cooperation with schools and businesses, coordination of study visits, and alumni activities?

Contact Communication and Outreach Unit

Questions about education and scheduling

Do you have questions about education, scheduling or want to get in touch with our programme managers?

Contactinformation to schedulers, subject coordinators, programme managers and senior faculty administrators