Organisation and regulations

Regulation on a national level

The overall responsibility for higher education and research rests with the Parlament and the Swedish Government. The Swedish Higher Education Act (SFS 1992:1434) contains provisions about the higher education institutions that are accountable to the Government, while the Higher Education Ordinance contains more specific provisions concerning higher education.

Regulation by Uppsala University

The Higher Education Ordinance transfers certain detailed regulation to the higher education institution, hence the need for local rules and guidelines at Uppsala University.

Regulation by the Faculty for Science and Technology

While the Faculty Board is responsible for doctoral education, many decisions are delegated to or drafted by the Board of Doctoral Education.

The various functions of the doctoral education defined are:

  • Head of department
  • Professor responsible for doctoral studies
  • Professor responsible for research programme
  • Supervisor (principal and assistant)
  • Examiner
  • Director of doctoral studies

Ultimate responsibility for all operations at the department, including doctoral studies, rests with the head of department. For further information, please refer to the Faculty’s Guidelines for doctoral education and Rules of procedure.

Procedures for conducting doctoral studies vary from one division to another within departments. Several have websites with local information and instructions.

The Faculty's rules and regulations

Quality work

Evaluation of doctoral studies 2017-2022 (only in Swedish)