Riding at Uppsala University

Since 1663, Uppsala University has had a riding school where students and employees can practice equestrianism.

The riding school was established in the 17th century, when students were expected to be educated in exercitia, or practical subjects. These practical subjects also included French, Spanish, Italian, fencing, dancing, music and drawing.

Over the centuries, the riding school has occupied various buildings. It currently offers riding lessons and private stabling at the Academic Stables in Kvarnbo.

The riding school’s email address: ridskolan@uvfk.org

Oil painting depicting students on horseback and the riding master John Georg Arsenius, who is explaining something.

John Georg Arsenius, far right, was Academy Stable Master 1877–1888 and was the first to teach female students. Oil painting by John Arsenius himself. The painting now belongs to Gustavianum (Uppsala University Museum).

Riding scholarships

Every semester the University awards riding scholarships, which consist of 32 free riding lessons over a period of 16 weeks.

Student association

Uppsala Academic Riding Club is a non-profit organisation for students, employees and alumni of Uppsala University who are interested in horses and equestrianism.

350 years of riding

Uppsala University is home to the second oldest riding institution in the world, after the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. On 12 September 2013, the University celebrated the 350th anniversary of the riding school with a full day of horse-themed educational and fun activities.

A jubilee book was published in time for the festivities with chapters written by University Library Director Lars Burman and Margareta Nisser-Dalman, Director of the Swedish Royal Collections.

The jubilee book Till häst. Ridundervisningen vid Uppsala universitet 350 år (‘On horseback. 350 years of riding instruction at Uppsala University’) can be ordered from info@uark.se or acta@ub.uu.se.