Uppsala Student of the Year

The Uppsala Student of the Year award was founded by the Anders Wall Foundation and was awarded for the first time in the year 2000.

The scholarship is awarded to a student who has:

  • distinguished themselves through their good, creative efforts at Uppsala University
  • taken part in student union and/or student nation activities
  • or has made special efforts in support of other students
  • alternatively has developed entrepreneurship in connection with the University’s activities.

The nominee shall have good study results and shall have completed a significant portion of their studies, but not have finished their undergraduate course or programme.

Everyone with a connection to the University, both organisations and individuals, may nominate candidates for the scholarship. For instance individual students and teachers, alumni, student nations, faculty boards, departments and other organisations and associations. The scholarship is 150 000 kr.

The 2024 nomination period is closed.

If you have any questions please contact nominera@uu.se.

The Wallumni network

The Anders Wall Foundation annually awards scholarships to young talents in the fields of scientific research, entrepreneurship, rural development, international studies and classical music.

The financial element of the scholarship is of course important to the recipient, but the unique aspect of this scholarship – and what makes it so dynamic – is that the recipient becomes part of the prestigious Wallumni network. Members meet regularly for exclusive activities and study trips and support each other in many different respects

Recipients of the Uppsala Student of the Year award

  • 2023: Sigfrid Stjärnholm
  • 2022: Benjamin Verbeek
  • 2021: Muataz Lafta
  • 2020: Mamduh Halawa
  • 2019: Carl Johan Casten Carlberg
  • 2018: Emma Tysk
  • 2017: Fredrik Pettersson
  • 2016: Ali Mohammadi
  • 2015: Erik Englund
  • 2014: Vanja Eriksson
  • 2013: Kajsa Asplund
  • 2012: Johan Gärdebo
  • 2011: Johan Bengtsson
  • 2010: Hoa Ly
  • 2009: Rebecca Andersson
  • 2008: Niklas Elofsson
  • 2007: Johan Lundin
  • 2006: Martin Svensson
  • 2005: Pär Höglund
  • 2004: Lisa Davidsson
  • 2003: Mina Anger
  • 2002: Mikael Åberg
  • 2001: Lovisa Malmberg
  • 2000: Sandra Friberg