As an employee, you are properly protected and covered during your work hours by several insurance policies:

  • Business Travel Insurance – As a university employee or doctoral student, you are insured while on a business trip by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency
  • Service Group Life Insurance – This insurance means that a tax-free single payment will be made to survivors of an employee who dies before retirement.
  • Work Injury Insurance – If you are injured in the workplace, you can receive compensation from work injury insurance. The work injury can be an illness that has arisen because of your work. It can also be caused by an accident at work or an accident that occurred on the way to or from work.
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Doctor visits and medications

View of Gustavianum.

Visits to the doctor are subsidised at SEK 95 per visit. We also compensate you for the cost of all prescription medicines up to the patient’s cost ceiling.

Salary exchange – exchanging salary for an occupational pension

You have the option of saving extra money for your occupational pension through an individual agreement – what is known as a salary exchange. This amounts to forgoing salary in exchange for your employer paying more money towards your occupational pension.

Autumn view of the University Main Building
View from inside the Tropical Greenhouse

Free admission to museums and gardens

Admission is free for all employees to museums and gardens operated by Uppsala University:

  • The Museum of Evolution
  • Museum Gustavianum
  • Museum of Medical History
  • Linnaeus’s Hammarby
  • The Linnaeus Garden with the Linnaeus Museum
  • The Tropical Greenhouse