Employee benefits at Uppsala University

Our employees can enjoy a range of great benefits. We have compiled a few of our particular favourites here.

A place to live

Uppsala University Foundations Management of Estates and Funds has its own housing queue in which you as an employee of Uppsala University have priority. The Foundations Management offers attractive accommodation in central Uppsala and Ulleråker.

Big yellow building next to The University Main Building.

Apartments in the building known as ‘Skandalhuset’ are part of the Foundations Management’s portfolio.

More holiday

As a state employee, you have more days of annual leave than the statutory 25 days per year. The number you have depends on your age. From the age of 40 you will have 35 days of annual leave.

Salary exchange – exchanging salary for an occupational pension

You have the option of saving extra money for your occupational pension through an individual agreement – what is known as a salary exchange. This amounts to forgoing salary in exchange for your employer paying more money towards your occupational pension.

Doctor’s appointments and medicine

Appointments with a doctor or psychologist are subsidised up to SEK 95 per visit. We also reimburse you for the cost of all prescription medicines up to the maximum rate.

Jättenäckrosorna i tropiska växthuset

Free admission to museums and gardens

Admission is free for all employees to museums and gardens operated by Uppsala University:

  • The Museum of Evolution
  • Museum Gustavianum
  • Museum of Medical History
  • Linnaeus’s Hammarby
  • The Linnaeus Garden with the Linnaeus Museum
  • The Tropical Greenhouse

Wellness hour and wellness and fitness activities subsidy

You may spend one hour of your workweek on health and wellness activities. In addition, you are offered an exercise and keep-fit subsidy of SEK 2,000 per year.

In addition, employees are offered subsidised massages on the University’s premises.

Coco Norén and Anders Hagfeldt sitting on horses.

Opportunities abroad

Through the Erasmus Programme, employees can apply for funding to teach or pursue professional development abroad.