Research support

For general inquiries about working at Uppsala University, please contact our International Faculty and Staff Services.

For questions about PhD studies, find out more on our admissions pages.

For research support matters, please click through to the relevant disciplinary domain below for a list of available contacts:

  • Science and Technology
    (biology, information technology, physics, earth sciences, chemistry, mathematics, engineering sciences)
  • Medicine and Pharmacy
    (pharmacy, pharmaceutical biosciences, public health and caring sciences, immunology, genetics and pathology, surgical sciences, women’s and children’s health, medicinal chemistry, medical cell biology, medical sciences, neuroscience)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
    (arts, law, social sciences, languages, theology, educational sciences)

For university-level research policy or infrastructure issues, please contact Anna Ledin or Margareta Andersson.

How can we help?

Uppsala University has a network of officials who assist researchers in external funding matters. The network contains research funding coordinators, EU project coordinators, controllers, legal advisors, UU Innovation and the UU Innovation Partnership Office.

We can help you in finding calls for applications, writing applications, drawing up a budget, drafting agreements and contracts between the university and external partners such as government agencies, companies and organisations.