Regenerative Medicine, 7.5 credits

Academic year 2022/2023

  • Course code: 3MG035

    Autumn 2022, 100%, Campus

    Start date: 28 September 2022

    End date: 27 October 2022

    Language of instruction: English

    Location: Uppsala

    Registration: Please contact the department.

Entry requirements: 180 credits in biology, bio-/medicine, biotechnology, pharmaceutical biosciences, medical science or equivalent education giving relevant knowledge in cell biology, genetics biochemistry and molecular biology. Proficiency in English equivalent to the Swedish upper secondary course English 6.

About the course

The course aims at conveying the current knowledge, future potential use and development of regenerative medicine. Different stem cells, their biology and cellular programming is discussed, as well as tissue engineering, bioengineered cellular methods, next generation biomaterials, and their applications in restoring damaged tissues and organs. Different stem cell therapies, cell and gene therapies, biobanking and in vitro differentiation of neural and myeloid stem cells will be illustrated.

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