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As a student at Uppsala University - Campus Gotland, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a highly-ranked, full-scale university and a small campus in the World Heritage City of Visby. Our programmes are here.

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Life at Campus Gotland

At Campus Gotland you can read for degrees within the humanities, law, technology and sciences, social sciences, languages, game design and educational sciences.

Located in central Visby, Campus Gotland is just a stone’s throw from the sea. Here you will find the Student Union Rindi, the Almedalen Library and, not least, the community facilities that make life as a student in the town of Visby so agreeable. Here there is a spectrum of cultural and sporting activities – and a cosy café to while away an hour or two with friends – available all year round. Not to mention all the different environments where you can sit and study in peace and quiet. An ideal place to accumulate knowledge, experiences and memories for life.

As a student at Uppsala University – Campus Gotland, you will have the best of both worlds: the large university’s width and depth within education and research as well as the unique study milieu that can only be found in a smaller campus. Here you will become part of a study environment with ample teaching time and many different contact spaces to interact with students from other Swedish and international degree programmes.

At Campus Gotland the accent is placed on the student's own possibility of shaping his or her education, the importance of the learning environment and the scope for intensified contact between students and teaching staff. We want to give you the very best prerequisites for meeting the challenges of working life. The capacity for analysis, problem solving and communication make you an attractive employee for potential employers.

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Life on Gotland and in Visby

Gotland is not only Sweden’s largest island, but the largest in the Baltic Sea. The island is just 90 km from the Swedish mainland, and transport between Gotland and Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, is frequent.

Campus Gotland is located in Visby, the island’s main town. The university plays an important role in the local community. Gotland’s key sources of income are tourism, agriculture and concrete production.

Gotland is otherwise a creative place, characterised by nearness, dynamism and collaboration. Our students associate life here with flexibility, dedication and everything is just a little different – and magically so. About 60,000 people live here all year round, but that figure changes drastically in the summer when several hundreds of thousands of tourists travel to and from Gotland for work or holidays…or studies!

The city of Visby is arguably the best preserved medieval city in Scandinavia and since 1995, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A popular landmark is the fortress wall dating back to the 13th century, which surrounds the old city.

With about 1,500 students in a town of approximately 25,000 inhabitants, Visby is a place where students take an active part in the everyday life of Gotland, which is reflected in the range of cafés and cultural and sports activities. Campus Gotland is located on the site of an old Viking entrance fairway to the port of Visby (modern day Almedalen). Today, the area is a meeting place for ideas and people, and an intellectual breeding ground. More facts about Visby and Gotland.

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Sustainable Development

Uppsala University has a legal responsibility to support sustainable development. Campus Gotland aims at contributing to this mission by developing research, education and collaboration in the field.

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