Anders Brantnell

Affiliated Associate senior lecturer/Assistant Professor at Department of Women's and Children's Health; Healthcare Sciences and e-Health

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+46 72 999 98 25
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MTC-huset, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 14B, 1 tr
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Associate senior lecturer/Assistant Professor at Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering; Industrial Engineering and Management

Mobile phone:
+46 72 999 98 25
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Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1
752 37 Uppsala
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Short presentation

I am a researcher and teacher at the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering. I am also associated with the Department of Women's and Children's Health. I conduct research on the development and implementation of new innovations in healthcare. I focus on a number of different clinical and technical areas such as psychological treatment, additive manufacturing in life sciences (eg., cardiology and dentistry) and digitalization in healthcare.


  • additive manufacturing
  • cardiology
  • collaboration university-society
  • dentistry
  • e-health
  • healthcare
  • implementation
  • innovation management
  • institutional logics
  • mental health
  • organizational behavior


I started my career at Uppsala University around 2010 when I was hired as a project coordinator in a research program at the Faculty of Medicine that aimed to develop, validate and implement Internet-based support programs for patients with physical diseases such as cancer and heart attack. I eventually became a doctoral student at the Faculty of Medicine and wrote my dissertation on the implementation of medical innovations. I noticed that a lot of research is produced that can contribute to better health for patients, but little of it is implemented in healthcare. There are a number of obstacles to implementation that cover different periods, including development and introduction to healthcare. I have since been fascinated by the role that different actors can play in the process of developing and implementing innovations in healthcare and how different factors affect these processes.

The purpose of my research is to understand and explain the processes around the development and implementation of innovations in healthcare and through this contribute to better healthcare. My main area of research is innovation and entrepreneurship. Within this area, I study, for example partnerships that aim to improve healthcare, companies and start-ups that work in certain clinical areas such as dentistry and cardiology and various professional categories in healthcare that will use the innovations. I base my research partly on organizational theories such as institutional logics and partly on implementation theories and frameworks such as intervention mapping. I use both qualitative and quantitative methods in my research. I am also the deputy director of a working group within a competence center on additive manufacturing in life sciences. My working group focuses on implementation and business models in additive manufacturing.

Read more about the competence center here.


Main research projects

I conduct research on innovation and entrepreneurship and in this area I have three main tracks that I focus on: collaboration and innovation, med-tech innovation and implementation in healthcare.

Collaboration and innovation

My research on this track is about partnerships, institutional logics and value creation.

2020 - Ongoing. Development and running of multisectoral partnerships with focus on institutional logics

2021 - Ongoing. Quantitatively measuring institutional logics in multisectoral partnerships

2021 - Ongoing. Development and running of testbeds / innovation platforms with focus on business models and value creation. Read more about the project here.

Medical technology (med-tech) innovation

Med-tech innovation stands for medical technology innovation. Within this track, I focus on innovation processes from the companies' point of view.

2021 - Ongoing. Additive manufacturing in dentistry

2020 - Ongoing. Implementation of medical technology

Implementation in healthcare

My research on implementation in healthcare includes the development and implementation of new solutions from the healthcare's point of view.

2019 - Ongoing. INVOLVE. Development of a behavioral activation based guided self-help for depression in people with dementia living in the community

2021 - Ongoing. Implementation of stepped care model in Swedish primary care

2021 - Ongoing. Implementation of internet-based CBT in Swedish primary care

I am also interested in pedagogical development and conduct research on learning styles and factors that affect learning.

2021 - Ongoing. Employing micro-intervention to enhance learning in a masters ’course in engineering during COVID-19

2021 - Ongoing. Improved learning and understanding of basic concepts in a method course through continuous digital tests


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