Klubban biological station

Klubban i skymningsljus snett ovanifrån.

Klubban Biological Station, situated by Gullmarsfjorden on the west coast of Sweden, is a part of Uppsala University.

Klubban Biological Station

Klubban Biological Station of Uppsala University, located in Fiskebäckskil at Gullmarsfjorden, was founded in 1915, emanating from a donation to Uppsala University to promote research and education in marine biology. The original building has been rebuilt and enlarged several times since then and today the station is a modern service institution with broad biological emphases. The station is open to researchers and courses of all nationalities. Our aim is to provide good services to researchers and courses visiting Klubban.

Klubban 1915 och 2015 framifrån

Klubban 1915 and 2015

Studenter i vatten från Klubban 1915 och 2015

Students 1915 and 2015


The Station itself has room for 10 researchers/teachers, and in adjacent buildings there is room for additionally 36 students and guests. The fully equipped kitchens provide good possibilities for self-catering. A sauna is available for residents at the Station. Nearby Lysekil has all the urban services that might be needed.

The surroundings

Gullmarsfjorden is Sweden's only true fjord, comprised of a shallow entrance and a deep central fjord basin. The fjord contains a multitude of marin habitats and is an ideal place for marin studies and research. As a result, no less than four marin stations are situated in the area.

At a walking distance from Klubban there is a beautiful beech forest, in the spring blooming with wood anemone (Anemone nemorosa) and the light greenery from the trees. There is also a park for breeding threatended animals from all over the world, Nordens ark, 45 minutes away by car. And in Lysekil just across the Fjord, which is easily accessible by ferry, you find Havets hus, the largest sea aquarium in the Nordic countries.

Bild på Klubban snett ovanifrån med färja till höger.
Hand som håller i en krabba


Inquiries and bookings should be sent to: Mikael Thollesson
Biology Education Centre
Uppsala University
Box 592
SE-751 24 Uppsala, SWEDEN
Tel: +46 18 - 471 46 86
E-mail: mikael.thollesson@ebc.uu.se

Courses at Klubban Biological Station

Klubban biological station belongs to Uppsala University, but can also be used by others for research and education. Uppsala University gives a number of courses at Klubban, from basic courses for beginners to advanced courses. The only course currently given in English is:

Application to courses and programmes
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