Brocki SR Lab

The focus of Brocki SR Lab's research is on understanding the developmental mechansims of executive functions (EF) and more broadly on self-regulation (SR) capacity (i.e., the conscious control of thought, emotion and behavior) from infancy to adolescence from a multiple pathway perspective. Brocki SR Lab studies both typical and atypical development and is also interested in the role of SR in developmental disorders such as ADHD and Autism. The research group is led by Karin Brocki.

Karin Brocki

Karin Brocki

Karin Brocki is a professor of psychology with a special interest in Developmental Psychology. She received her PhD at Uppsala University in 2007, and became an associate professor (docent) in 2010 and a full professor in 2019, both at Uppsala University. In 2009 she received the The Swedish National Committee for Psychological Sciences annual award for being an outstanding young researcher in psychology and in 2011 she received Uppsala University’s Scientific Oscar award. She is a member of the European Network for Hyperkinetic Disorders (EUNETHYDIS).

Karin Brocki is also conducting studies on the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on aspects of mental health in adults and in families with young children.