Study at Department of Sociology

The department hosts courses and programmes in sociology and social psycology.

First cycle education, leading to a Bachelor's degree, at the Department of Sociology encompasses Sociology, Social psychology and Sociology with Orientation towards Work, Organization and Human Resource Management (AOP).

The department hosts two first cycle programmes:

Note that Swedish is the language of instruction for first cycle courses and programmes.

Second cycle education / graduate level is provided through courses in Sociology and Social Psychology and the Masters in social sciences.

To be eligible for second cycle education you need a bachelor degree in the subject specified for each course or program.

The degree of this level is Master of Arts (60 credits) of Master of Arts/Science (120 credits) depending on the length of the master program.

Master program in social sciences (120 credits)

Information about specializations and courses for the Master program in social sciences.

60 credits equals one year of full time studies.

Master studies are organised through the Master programe in Social Science, but single subject courser are also offered that may be included in master programmes hosted by other departments.