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Uppsala University is known for its world-leading research and modern infrastructure. Researchers and students have access to state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities for innovative research.

Uppsala University brings together people with different perspectives and ideas, creating a stimulating environment. The University's international collaborations and projects provide access to global networks and exciting research opportunities.

As a staff member at Uppsala University, you will have a variety of career opportunities, support for continuing education, and an open and inclusive culture. Here, employees are actively encouraged to share their knowledge, ideas and experiences, promoting collaboration and innovation in a dynamic work environment.


Job vacancies

Uppsala domkyrka.
Uppsala domkyrka.


The Faculty of Science and Technology Board has established recommendations and guidelines for appointments and promotions. Visit our employee portal for information on the process.

Promotion, docent and distinguished teacher

Tenure Track - the steps to becoming a permanent employee (teaching positions)

Uppsala University's career system, Tenure track, consists of employment at three levels: associate senior lecturer, senior lecturer and professor. They are advertised positions that are applied for in competition.

Tenure track entitles associate senior lecturers to be considered for promotion to senior lecturer and senior lecturers to be considered for promotion to professor. Advancement within the tenure track system is based on a merit-based evaluation. This means that employees in the career system compete only with themselves, not with their colleagues.

Processkarta över tenure track vid teknisk-naturvetenskapliga fakulteten.Zoom image