Ethics, psychology and the human brain

The beauty and the beast - The two sides of game design

Patrick Prax

Patrick Prax is a researcher in co-creation of game design, who focuses on how societal values shape designs of video games and their impacts on society. Specifically, he studies players' game literacy, and the opportunities and challenges that come with digital games, such as increased learning and sustainable policies on one hand, and addiction and radicalization on the other.

14th of march 2023.

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Game design, Witches and Transformation

Doris Rusch

Playfulness is key to transformation. Games are keys to the embodied experience of alternative ways of acting and being. How can we harness the alchemy of play to transform ourselves and others? Prof. Rusch discusses lessons learned from her work with Deep Game Design, and the creation of The Witch’s Way - a game design to strengthen personal empowerment and integrity.

16th of november 2021.

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