Nanotechnology, mathematics and fundamental phenomena

Sense the world using silicon nanosensors

Zhen Zhang

Driven by continuous device size downscaling, silicon chip technology created the foundation of our modern information society. As we are approaching the limit of miniaturization, Prof. Zhen Zhang is exploring silicon devices, beyond size scaling, directly as smart sensors to sense the world. These sensors have a wide range of potential applications, from hydrogen safety to rapid drug effect tests.

14th of february 2023.

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Porträtt av Zhen Zhang.

Save lives by sifting out viruses "as easily as you brew coffee" - development of nanotechnology paper filters for drinking water purification

Albert Mihranyan

Meet Albert Mihranyan, Professor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, talking about how he and his team have developed a filter with material directly from nature with the goal to be able to remove viruses from water as easily as you brew coffee.

16th of june 2020.

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Porträtt av Albert Mihranyan.