Major grant for hamstring injury research

29 May 2018

Kenneth Jonsson, an associate professor at Uppsala University, has been awarded a research grant of SEK 3.2 million from AFA Insurance to compare surgically and non-surgically treated patients’ perceptions of pain and function.

Tearing of the tendons attaching the hamstrings at the back of the thigh to the ‘sit bone’ (ischial tuberosity) is a common injury in slip and fall accidents. In Sweden, the injury is usually treated without surgery, while the medical literature recommends surgical treatment. It is not known which method gives the best results, and this will now be investigated by Kenneth Jonsson, Consultant in Orthopaedics at the Department of Surgical Sciences at Uppsala University.

Jonsson’s project is one of five research projects in occupational health that were awarded a total of SEK 19,382,000 by AFA Insurance in the first funding round of 2018.


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More than SEK 19 million for research in working environment and health (in Swedish)

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