The Nobel laureates visit Uppsala

27 November 2018

On 13 December the 2018 Nobel laureates in chemistry and physics will visit Uppsala University. They will give a public lecture in the University Grand Auditorium on the research that led to their Nobel Prize.

For many years it has been a tradition to invite the new Nobel laureates to Uppsala University in connection with the Nobel Prize festivities in Stockholm. The programme for the visit includes a reception with the Vice-Chancellor and lunch at Uppsala Castle, but also the much appreciated and well-attended public lectures by the visiting laureates.

This years’ guests are the Nobel laureates in Chemistry Frances H. Arnold, George P. Smith and Sir Gregory P. Winter, and the Nobel laureate in Physics Donna Strickland.

The 2018 Nobel lectures in Uppsala

We have interviewed three researchers at Uppsala University on this year's Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine.

Exciting appointment in the Nobel Committee for Physics

At the end of the year Olga Botner will step down as a member of the Nobel Committee for Physics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. They work all year round on identifying discoveries and inventions to be awarded the Nobel Prize. “It has been extremely exciting and rewarding,” she says.
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Host for the Chemistry Prize winner: “A true role model”

Hi there, Lynn Kamerlin, Professor of Chemistry! You are going to play host to Frances Arnold, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, when she visits Uppsala on 13 December. How is your research linked to her research on the evolution of proteins?
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“As an immunologist, it’s easy to be enthusiastic”

Straddling academia and the pharmaceutical industry, Sara Mangsbo is building a platform for a future as a research scientist and serial entrepreneur in immunotherapy. “The Nobel Prize was another piece of fantastic news in a field that is already riding a huge wave of success.”
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