SciLifeLab Uppsala part of large effort in forest genetic research

16 January 2019

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation invests several million SEK over a ten-year period in research on tree genes, forest genetics and forest biotechnology. The project is a collaboration between SLU and SciLifeLab in Uppsala and Stockholm.

The projects focusing on genomics and forest genetics follow up on the large project, funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, that led to the first mapping of a conifer tree genome, the Norway spruce genome. The project is coordinated by Ove Nilsson at SLU, and representing SciLifeLab, Ulf Gyllensten at IGP. It will be performed at SLU, Umeå University and SciLifeLab Uppsala and Stockholm.

In the new project an updated and significantly improved version of the spruce genome will be developed and correspondingly, the genome of Scots pine will be sequenced for the first time. Subsequently, the genomes of approximately one thousand individual trees will be studied to identify genes that affect growth rate and wood quality. This knowledge will be used in tree breeding programmes to increase productivity. SciLifeLab is responsible for determining the tree genomes and performing bioinformatic analyses of these data.

Read more: Press Release from SLU

Kerstin Henriksson

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