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In Uppsala University’s newsletter, we highlight exciting results from the forefront of research and share news about educational programmes and student collaborations, as well as new discoveries and innovations, joint projects, lectures and cultural events at Uppsala University.

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Upcoming issues 2023:

  • 7 February (deadline 31 January)
  • 7 March (deadline 27 February)
  • 4 April (deadline 27 March)
  • 9 May (deadline 28 April)
  • 13 June (deadline 1 June)
  • 12 September (deadline 4 September)
  • 10 October (deadline 2 October)
  • 14 November (deadline 6 November)
  • 12 December (deadline 4 December)

(Dates may be subject to change.)

Editor: Annica Hulth
Assistant editor: Åsa Malmberg
Publisher: Pernilla Björk, Director of Communication

E-mail: newsletter@uu.se

Last modified: 2022-12-22