Comprehensive pedagogical support

The Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy offers a wide range of support for you as a teacher. Contact us if you want to develop your teaching or grow as a teacher. As a pedagogical node, we provide you with comprehensive support.

In the Pedagogical Node, we create conditions for you as a teacher or person responsible for education to conduct first-class teaching based on scientific evidence. We foster the pedagogical development of the disciplinary domain and support those who want to turn their teaching ideas into reality. The node was initiated by the domain’s vice-deans for education.

The Pedagogical Council of the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy (PRåM) is a pedagogical collaboration and development network. It consists of active teachers from all programmes and departments in the area.

MedfarmDoIT is a support unit with domain-wide pedagogical developers, system developers, system administrators, media producers and pedagogical developers working with the medical programme.

A venn diagram with the circles MedfarmDoIT, PRåM and Pedagogical Development together with Pedagogical Node in the centre.