Admission and registration

We only have national application to our courses at the department. Students must apply on must apply on for each semster.

Afte the first application letter you must repsond to keep your offered admission. After the second aplication letter you must register to keep your place on the course.


Registration autumn 2024

Registration periods

  • For courses starting during the first half of the semester:
    • 2024-07-26 – 2024-08-26
  • For courses starting during the second half of the semester:
    • 2024-07-26 – 2024-08-26

Admitted with condition

Students admitted with a condition cannot register and must contact the department by email on by the registration date to confirm intention to register. You must show that you fulfill the condition by the course start date to get registered.


Wait-listed students cannot register online. You will be contacted by the department via email if we can offer a place on the course.

Late application

If you have made a late application and have been admitted within the registration period you can register yourself in Ladok. If the registration period has closed you should contact the department by email on:

Withdrawing your admission

If you have accepted your place but are no longer interested in it, it is important to let us know you won't be attending that course or programme. If you don't wish to keep your place and are not yet registered, you should decline your offer on

Discontinuation of studies

If you decide after you already registered you must register you discontinuation in Ladok.

If you discontinue within three weeks after starting the course and do not have any results, you may apply and be admitted to the course again. If you discontinue after three weeks, you do not have the right to take the course at a later time but it may be possible to be re-registered subject to availability.

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