Written exams are offered as digital exams in an exam hall. You must register för all exams in Ladok no later than 12 days before the exam. You will find dates, times and locations for all exams in Ladok. Registration for exams by the start of term, and registration for re-exams open the day after the ordinary exam.

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Uppsala university page about examination and exam halls

If you have any questions, please email: info@ekhist.uu.se.

Exams are now digital exams in "Inspera" which is where you find your exam once it has been graded. Log in to Inspera at exam.uu.se to see your exam and results.

Reassessment can occur because of new facts, or if the grade is obviously incorrect and if the change can be done quickly and easily. It is not about regrading or assess the exam again, but correcting obvious errors.

You have the right to have an explanation of for your grade from the examiner, if you request it. This is recommeded so you can get an understanding to why a certain grade has been given and what to focus on for a re-exam.

If you still wish to apply for a reassessment you must use the application form for reconsideration of a grade (Pdf) Pdf, 164 kB.. This is also available at the reception desk at Ekonomikum. You can leave you application with the reception desk at Ekonomikum or send by email to: info@ekhist.uu.se. Ensure to read the instructions!

The examiner reviews the application and makes a decision. If you think that the examination or grading has been unfairly done, you can contact the Ombudsmen for Grading Issues at Uppsala University. Ombudsmen for grading issues investigate if the assessment process has been followed properly. Please note that the Ombudsmen cannot change any decisions on a grade taken by the examiner, they investigate the process and leave a written opinion to the department.

Please note that the course literature can be changed regularly, in form of new editions, books and articles. Students are personally responsible for finding out about changes in the contents of the course.

An exam is always based on the current litterature.

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