Discontinuation, academic leave of absence


If you need to take a break during your studies, you must apply for an academic leave of absence to have a guaranteed place on the programme after the break. If you make an unannounced interruption of studies, you have no guaranteed place to resume your studies.

Apply for an academic leave of absence here. If you have questions about leave of absence, contact the department's study counsellor.

To return to your studies after your study break, apply to your courses as usual within your programme via universityadmissions.se. If you have had a longer break so that it is no longer possible, you apply for a return to studies here.

If you want to discontinue a course of programme you have to notify the department. Discontinuing a course or programme means you give up your place.

If you discontinue your studies within three weeks of the start of the course, it will be an early discontinuation. If you make an early discontinuation from a course or programme, you can apply for the course/programme again in the future.

If you discontinue your studies later than three weeks after the start of the course, it will be a late discontinuation. This means that you cannot apply for the course again. If you want to take the course at a later date, you can be re-registered on the course if there is place available.

You can report discontinuation on single courses in Ladok. If you are studying a course package or programme, you need to report your discontinuation via this form.