Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences

Admitted to or placed on waiting list for free standing courses

The department of Public Health and Caring Sciences gives a number of freestanding courses. If you are admitted to any of these courses, you will need to register to keep your place. Information on how to register can be found on the web.

If you are conditionally admitted to a course, you will need to contact the department within the dates of the course registration, to prove that you meet the entry requirements. Contact information to our freestanding courses is found by the link below:

If you are placed on the waiting list to any of our courses, the department will contact you if there are vacancies. In general, the admission to freestanding courses proceeds until the start of the course. During this time you are required to check your e-mail (the email address registered at or, including the spam folder. In general, you will need to respond to an offer within one or two days to keep your place on the course.