Study technique

During the academic year, workshops and student groups in study technique are offered by the faculty's advisors. These sessions and student groups are for you who feel that you need to improve your study technique.

Workshops in study technique

Once per semester, an opportunity for a study technique workshop is provided. Each session has its own theme and is independent of the others. During the workshop, theory is combined with group discussions on a specific topic. The workshops are given in english.

Workshop - Elevate your group work skills to the next level

In today's academic and professional landscapes, the ability to collaborate effectively within a group is paramount. Whether you're working on a class project, participating in extracurricular activities, or preparing for your future career, mastering the art of group work is essential.

During our workshop we will be looking at the benefits and challenges in working in a group, how to use effective work strategies and how to handle group dynamics.

The workshop will be given two times so you can choose the date and time that fits you the best.

Time and place

Student group - Do it now!

Are you among those who repeatedly put off your studying? Procrastination is a common problem, especially among students. Join our student group “Do it now!”.

The purpose of the group is to get going with your studies and create new and improved study habits, with the support of other members of the group.

The group meets weekly on Mondays from the 5th of February – 20th of May 17.15-18.45, room 101172 Ångström laboratory.

If you are interested to join the group, please sign up via email to for more information.