Programme syllabus, study plan and course syllabus

In order to plan your programme studies, it's useful to know the content of your programme. If you are taking freestanding courses or wondering about certain parts of a course you find the detailed information in the course syllabus.

Programme syllabus

All programmes have a programme syllabus. In this syllabus, there is listed information about the content of the programme, entry requirements and possible degrees.

Study plan

A part of the programme syllabus is the study plan. The study plan contains information on what courses the students are taking in what year/semester.

There is also information about:

  • when in the academic year the courses take place
  • obligatory courses
  • courses extent in credits
  • course levels (Bachelor's or Master's)
  • courses main subject domain
  • course codes.

Make sure to check against the degree requirements once you start making your own decisions within the programme.

The study plans links the programmes courses with corresponding course syllabi.

Course syllabus

The course syllabus is an overview of a course, its content and regulations for how it's given. The course syllabus is determined by the faculty or department giving the course, and can be altered between semesters.

The course syllabus contains:

  • course content and goals
  • qualification requirements
  • level and main subject domain
  • forms of examination and teaching
  • grading
  • course literature.