Life's Philosophy and Modernity

7.5 credits

Course, Bachelor's level, 1MV064

Spring 2024 Spring 2024, Uppsala, 25%, On-campus, English

Spring 2024 Spring 2024, Uppsala, 25%, On-campus, English For exchange students

About the course

How do you combine the good life with a responsibility for the world and its survival? What can different life philosophies and lifestyles in other cultures and historically teach us about humanity and our present time? What role does the individual play in these times of crises, complexity and constant changes?

The course sets out from the premise that today's problems cannot only be solved with new technology, a continuation of prevailing politics and continued economic growth. At the same time as material welfare has increased during the twentieth century, the well-being of people in the global north has not increased in the same manner. In other parts of the world life expectancy has worsened as a consequence of neo-colonial ambitions from the world's new and old great powers resulting in war and terrorism.

From a contemporary critical analysis of modern society, the course then moves on to explore other ways of living and relating to the world around us, different life philosophies, the good life and how we can formulate personal and collective life philosophies that has the potential to change us and the world. During the course critical discussions on an individual as well as societal possibilities and limitations for a good and responsible life. The course invites to reflection on the connection between theory, practice and life experience.