A Century of Comics in English

7.5 credits

Course, Bachelor's level, 5EN107

Autumn 2023 Autumn 2023, Flexible, 50%, Distance learning, English

Autumn 2024 Autumn 2024, Flexible, 50%, Distance learning, English

Spring 2025 Spring 2025, Flexible, 50%, Distance learning, English

About the course

This course is an introduction to comics and graphic novels in English. The global history of comics can be described in a number of different ways, and the roots of comics could conceivably be traced to very old sources. As they are usually perceived today, comics are a relatively young phenomenon, and the current cultural visibility of characters from comics is an even younger one, dominated by successful American franchises. Comics in English are significantly more diverse, however, and since the late 1940s, they have included explorations of topics such as war, racism, trauma, identity, and dysfunctional families, as well as funny animals and superhero stories.

This course focuses on Anglo-American comics, and it covers a wide variety of works, genres and prominent authors. The course material will include works from 1919 and later, as well as critical and theoretical texts.

Outline for distance course: The distance course is based on self-study and communication through the web-based learning environment. This contains all information regarding the course and is used for the compulsory course activities. Teaching takes the form of study instructions, exercises and discussions. Access to a computer with an internet connection is required to take the course. All teaching and examinations are done online. There are no scheduled obligatory online meetings. Taking a distance course means that you yourself largely determine when you study since you are not as tied to scheduled classes. Note, however, that this kind of course requires as much effort as an ordinary campus course and that it is equally important to meet set deadlines.