Joseph Conrad as Global Author

7.5 credits

Course, Bachelor's level, 5EN109

Autumn 2023 Autumn 2023, Flexible, 50%, Distance learning, English

About the course

This course explores the phenomenon of globalized authorship in the life and work of Joseph Conrad. A polyglot and cosmopolitan novelist whose works were massively serialised and translated during his lifetime, Conrad exerted a powerful influence upon how contemporary readers viewed the world even as his own extraordinary life and oeuvre were shaped by the global forces of nationalism, imperialism, and new media.

Starting with Maya Jasanoff's landmark biography The Dawn Watch (2017), you will study a selection of Conrad's major novels, shorter fiction, essays, and letters in relation to recent theoretical accounts of transnationalism, life writing, empire and race, reception networks, and maritime space.

Outline for distance course: The distance education course is based on self-study and communication through the web-based learning environment. This contains all information regarding the course and is used for the compulsory course activities. Teaching takes the form of study instructions, exercises and discussions. Access to a computer with internet connection is required to take the course. All teaching and examinations are done online. There are no scheduled obligatory online meetings. Taking a distance learning course means that you yourself largely determine when you study, since you are not as tied to scheduled classes. Note, however, that this kind of course requires as much effort as an ordinary campus course and that it is equally important to meet set deadlines.