Master's Programme in Computer Science – Sino-Swedish Master in Computer Science - Software Engineering

120 credits

Outline, TDV2M, SKPU

A revised version of the outline is available.
Specialisation code
Finalised by
The Faculty Board of Science and Technology, 10 November 2011
Registration number
TEKNAT 2011/90

Semester 1

During semester 1, the student must take the two courses Computer Networks I and Human-Computer Interaction, if he or she cannot demonstrate a similar competence. The remaining courses are selected from semester 1 in the computer science specialisation.

Semester 2

The student can choose between two tracks: Computer Networking and Human-Computer Interaction.

A student taking the Computer Networking track selects from the following courses:

A student taking the Human-Computer Interaction track selects from the following courses:

The student has the right to exchange courses corresponding to a maximum of 15 credits from computer science during semester 1 and 2 to courses with, in a broad sense, a cultural content relevant for the specialisation.

Semester 3

Semester 3 is taught at Tongji University according to a separate curriculum.

Students, taking the Sino-Swedish specialisation in computer science and software engineering, who are only offered payable seats at Tongji University, or who, for other reasons cannot study at this university, are offered courses from the computer science specialisation.

Semester 4

During semester 4, the student takes 1DT540 Degree project E in Computer Science, 30 credits or 1DT550 Degree project E in Computer Science, 45 credits or take corresponding courses at Tongji University.