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Name: Emelie Legnefur
From: Sweden

I was new to coding but through tutoring, I've grown a lot and feel like I am advancing in my studies very quickly.

How did you choose your programme?
– My mom knew of the education through colleagues that recommended it to her and she visits Gotland a lot. I knew I loved game design and wanted to try programming so I felt like this programme would be a good choice. Visby also seemed like a very nice place to study in.

What is the best thing about studying at Uppsala University?
– They offer a lot of courses, which has definitely helped me broaden my knowledge in my favourite subjects but also made me discover new things. The teachers/professors are also passionate about their subjects so I feel like I get very invested in my courses with lots of inspiration from the teachers. I was new to coding but through tutoring, I've grown a lot and feel like I am advancing in my studies very quickly.

Do you remember your first impression of Visby?
– Like many others I found everything to be very picturesque and cosy, especially during autumn when I first arrived. Since I am from a big city I noticed how Visby is much calmer and that everything runs at a slower tempo which is something I have come to enjoy and always long back to when I am away

What are three things on your calendar this week?
– As me and my team are preparing to showcase our game that we have been developing for Gotland Game Conference, I'll need to bug fix and polish the game at the beginning of the week. On Wednesday evening our team will get together to prepare t-shirts to wear during the conference, make dinner and have fun. We have had regular get-togethers during the development as a way of celebrating our hard work and this time we will combine it with some last fixes for the event. Then on Friday and the weekend, we will showcase our game!

Describe the student life!
– I feel like I have found some great friends that I can both study with and hang out with outside of lectures. When we study we usually stay around campus in smaller groups. It can get quite late at times but it is very nice to not be alone all the time while studying and we often go out to eat afterwards. In our free time, we do everything from game nights to going out to bars or just hanging out. When Rindi (the student union) is open or has planned some type of activity we go there as well, they had a very fun Halloween party last year which has been one of my favourite nights.

Three quick questions:
What is your favourite place in Visby?
– The boardwalk, which is close to campus. I always walk by it when I'm out on walks.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
– Hopefully as a programming lead of some sort at a bigger game company. I want to continue to learn about as much programming as possible. I will probably take some courses in other programming languages and AI as I find it very interesting.

Where is the best place to study?
– Upstairs in the campus cafeteria, in the afternoon, it's spacious but also quiet.

Autumn 2022


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