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Elisa, student.

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Name: Elisa Serrano Ausejo
From: Spain

I approached the programme from an interest in the technological part.

How did you choose your programme?
– I always wanted to apprehend the digital technologies used within my field, which is history. In previous academic works, I felt I lacked tools that could be useful and enable different paths of analysis and communication. I would say I approached the programme from an interest in the technological part. Still, I encountered a more significant scope and a lot of critical approaches to technology.

What was it like to be an international student?
– I was already living in Sweden when I started the program. Still, I was an international student with a new living in Uppsala, and it felt good. I met colleagues from other countries who were in a comparable situation to mine and had similar interests. I liked the diversity of students with different backgrounds, a very inviting environment to meet new people, speak English, and enjoy.

Do you remember your first impression of Uppsala?
– I have only nice words towards Uppsala. My first memory is a city walk in the centre on a weekend. I remember an old book market by the river, where I bought some books at such a good price. It is a city that invites you to be outdoors, full of life and opportunities.

What is your best memory?
– As a student, my life was studying a lot. I studied the courses in the Master's and my Swedish courses at the same time. It meant not a lot of free time but still some that allowed me to visit many wonderful places. Among my best memories, some of the visits we did together with our professors. I loved the one we did at the National Museum. It was great.

What were your reason for studying and your ultimate goal?
– When I started my Master's, I was working in a school as a Spanish teacher. I wanted to return to my Bachelor's field. This master was an excellent opportunity to get skills that are not very common among historians. I saw it as a chance to open new job opportunities in a world that demands digital skills. At the same time, it could help with my wish to participate in research projects.

What do you do today?
– Today I am working as a PhD student at Umeå University. I want to investigate how the pedagogy of history and new technologies interact and communicate. It is a fascinating topic where my previous studies and interests intersect.

Do you have any tips for future students?
– I would say it is valuable to engage with projects and opportunities. Swedish university provides opportunities to students, such as elaborating publications, participating in internships, or introducing professional projects and those who promote them. It is essential to take advantage of them.

Two quick questions
What was your favourite place in Uppsala?
– Second-hand book store Röda Rummet.

What is your favourite student tradition at Uppsala University?
– As a student, I could eat and drink at much better prices. Apart from that, I was never very enthusiastic about students' traditions but I know that Uppsala is very rich in them.

Autumn 2021


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