Political Science B

30 credits

Reading list, Bachelor's level, 2SK059

A revised version of the reading list is available.

Main group 1

Main group 2

Main group 3

  • Att styra staten: regeringens styrning av sin förvaltning: betänkande, Stockholm, Fritze, 2007Compulsory
  • Hermansson, Jörgen, Regeringsmakten i Sverige. Ett experiment i parlamentarism 1917-2009, SNS, 2010Compulsory
  • Persson, Thomas; Wiberg, Matti, Parliamentary Government in the Nordic Countries at a Crossroads. Coping with the Challenges from 'Europeanization' and 'Presidentialization', Santèrus Academic Press, 2011Compulsory
  • Wockelberg, Helena; Ahlbäck Öberg, Shirin, Ansvarsfullt ansvarsutkrävande, om bruk och missbruk av KU, Part of: Statsvetare ifrågasätter: Uppsalamiljön vid tiden för professorsskiftet den 31 mars 2008, Uppsala, Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, 2008Compulsory
  • Arter, David, Conclusion. Questioning the 'Mezey question'": An interrogatory framework for the comparative study of legislatures', The Journal of Legislative Studies, 2006Compulsory
  • Bale, Tim; Bergman, Torbjörn, Captives No Longer, but Servants Still? Contract Parliamentarism and the New Minority Governance in Sweden and New Zealand, Government and Opposition, 2006Compulsory
  • Egeberg, Morten; Trondal, Jarle, National Agencies in the European Administrative Space: Government driven, Commission driven or Networked?, Public Administration, 2009Compulsory
  • Johansson, Karl-Magnus; Raunio, Tapio, Organizing the Core Executive for European Union Affairs: Comparing Finland and Sweden, Public Administration, 2010Compulsory
  • Johansson, Karl-Magnus; Tallberg, Jonas, Explaining Chief Executive Empowerment: EU Summitry and Domestic Institutional Change, West European Politics, 2010Compulsory
  • Olsen, Johan P., Democratic Government, Institutional Autonomy and the Dynamics of Change, West European Politics, 2009Compulsory
  • Olsen, Johan P, Maybe it is Time to Rediscover Bureaucracy?, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 2006Compulsory
  • Pollitt, Christopher, Performance Management in Practice: A Comparative Study of Executive Agencies, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 2006Compulsory
  • Versluis, Esther, Rules, Uneven Practices: Opening the 'black box' of EU law in action, West European Politics, 2007Compulsory

Main group 4

Main group 5

Main group 6

* Compulsory