Research Training in Chemistry II

5 credits

Syllabus, Master's level, 1KB045

Education cycle
Second cycle
Main field(s) of study and in-depth level
Chemistry A1F
Grading system
Pass with distinction, Pass with credit, Pass, Fail
Finalised by
The Faculty Board of Science and Technology, 27 February 2020
Responsible department
Department of Chemistry - BMC

Entry requirements

120 credits of which 60 credits in chemistry, whereof 20 credits on advanced level including Research Training in Chemistry I, 5hp or Research Training in Chemistry 10hp. Proficiency in English equivalent to the Swedish upper secondary course English 6.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course the student shall be able to:

  • actively participate in and contribute to the daily scientific activities in a research environment.
  • with a significant degree of independence participate in a well-defined study that gives increased in-depth content or methodological knowledge related to the student's earlier or current courses at the advanced level.
  • give an account of and discuss issues concerning technology transfer and protection of intellectual property rights for research and development results in both commercial and non-commercial contexts.
  • present and critically discuss in written and oral forms the scientific study, including the connection between scientific theories from the student's earlier or current courses at advanced level, and research work in practice.


The student should participate in the daily work within a research environment. This may include:

  • participating in and contributing to seminars and other, for the research environment, relevant activities
  • with a significant level of independence, practically carry out an investigation which means a methodological and/or subject in-depth study based the student's previous or current courses on advanced level
  • participate in the daily work in the research environment

The student should actively participate in course seminars about technology transfer and protection of intellectual property rights


Practical work, supervision in groups or individually, seminars.


Participation in the work of the research environment and carrying out the investigation is assessed continuously. Passed seminar with associated exercises. The investigation is presented both in writing and orally. The final grade corresponds to a weighted average of the different parts.

If there are special reasons for doing so, an examiner may make an exception from the method of assessment indicated and allow a student to be assessed by another method. An example of special reasons might be a certificate regarding special pedagogical support from the disability coordinator of the university.

Other directives

The course cannot be included in a same degree as 1KB057, or both 1KB058 and 1KB044.

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