Programming with C/C++ 3: Computer Games in 2D

5 credits

Syllabus, Bachelor's level, 5SD813

Education cycle
First cycle
Main field(s) of study and in-depth level
Computer Science G1F
Grading system
Fail (U), Pass (G), Pass with distinction (VG)
Finalised by
The Department Board, 31 March 2021
Responsible department
Department of Game Design

General provisions

The course is part of the Bachelor's programme Game Design and Programming, 180 Credits.

Entry requirements

General entry requirements and Mathematics 3c/Mathematics D

Learning outcomes

Upon completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand how 2D computer games are constructed,
  • use a game design document to analyse and implement features,
  • describe and apply commonly used game programming patterns and algorithms,
  • develop game loops to process input, update game logic and present audiovisual feedback.


The course covers the fundamentals of creating computer games in 2D such as game loop, event driven input, resource loading and management, handling game entities and game states, sounds and collision. During the course the students will develop games with various game mechanics.


Lectures, teacher led exercises, laboratory work and compulsory hand-in assignment.


Examination is based on assignments handed in during the course.

If there are special reasons for doing so, an examiner may make an exception from the method of assessment indicated and allow a student to be assessed by another method. An example of special reasons might be a certificate regarding special pedagogical support from the University´s disability coordinator.

Uppsala University does not accept cheating or plagiarism. Suspected incidents of cheating or plagiarism are reported to the Vice-Chancellor, which may issue a formal warning to the student or suspend the student from studies for a certain period.

NB: Only a completed course may be counted towards a degree.

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