Courses at Campus Gotland 2024/2025

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Campus Gotland is offering the following courses for exchange students as well as freestanding the academic year of 2024/2025.

Courses for exchange students at Campus Gotland

More information about Exchange studies at Uppsala University

Freestanding courses at Campus Gotland

Most of our courses taught in English are only available for Master’s students or formal exchange students. We do have a limited number of courses taught in English that are open to all students who fulfil the requirements specified for each course. Freestanding courses taught in English at Campus Gotland are listed below.

Students must apply to these courses through the Swedish online application website

More information about Freestanding courses at the University

Visby ringmur med svenska flaggor

Learn Swedish!

We offer courses in Basic Swedish to incoming students who are enrolled in a study programme or individual courses at the University. The courses are for beginners and those with some prior knowledge of Swedish. The courses have pre-recorded lectures, combined with live practice sessions.

Students who are liable for fees can audit the courses free of charge, but will not be formally registered. Also, instead of credits they will receive a certificate of completion. If fee-paying students prefer credits, they can also choose to pay for the courses (11,250 SEK). The courses are free of charge for students that are not liable for tuition fees.

Application for Basic Swedish 1 - autumn 2024

Basic Swedish 1 will start in week 40 (end of September). The online application is open 9-22 September 2024. Apply to the course through this form.

Do you need guidance?

Contact the study and career counsellors if you need guidance and information about courses and programmes at Campus Gotland.

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