Application for exchange studies at Uppsala University

The information on this page applies to students who have already been nominated for exchange studies at Uppsala University by their home university. After you have been nominated, you must check with your home university what exchange agreement your university has with Uppsala University

Apply with a university-wide exchange agreement

The application deadlines are either 15 April or 15 October, depending on the semester of your arrival.

Apply online

After you have been nominated by your home university, the Unit for International Mobility will email you information about the application. You will be provided with an online application link along with information about the procedure and relevant details about studying at Uppsala University.

Application deadline

The Unit for International Mobility must receive your online application no later than the dates specified below.

  • For the autumn semester intake:
    • 15 April for all course modules.
  • For the spring semester intake:
    • 15 October for all course modules.

Note: If you have been nominated by your home university but have not received an email from Uppsala University with application information by the dates specified above, it is extremely important that you contact either your home university coordinator or the Unit for International Mobility as soon as possible.

Make sure you meet the course requirements

The departments that offer the courses in your course proposal determine whether you meet the academic entry requirements for each course. As some courses have limited availability, the departments also assess whether there is a place available for you. Please take note of this and ensure that you fulfill all the academic entry requirements before including a course in your proposal.

If you have questions about your course proposal, read more about course mapping for exchange students or get in touch with your contact person at Uppsala University.

Wait for your course proposal to be assessed

After the Unit for International Mobility has received and reviewed your application, it will be evaluated and processed for admissions notification. Your transcript of records and course proposal will be shared with the relevant departments for assessment.

Admissions target date

When it is confirmed that you meet the entry requirements for your chosen courses and there is available space, your Certificate of Acceptance and/or Letter of Admissions will be issued. This evaluation process will be completed before:

  • Mid-June for the autumn semester intake
  • Early December for the spring semester intake

Note: If you have not received a reply by the periods specified above, you must contact the Unit for International Mobility or your home university.

Apply with a department or faculty agreement

Application deadline: ask your department's or faculty's coordinator.

Apply online

The application process for students nominated for exchange studies through department or faculty agreements is handled by the individual department or faculty at Uppsala University. The link to the application form will be provided by your home university coordinator or sent to you by your Uppsala University contact after you have been nominated. Your home university coordinator or your department/faculty coordinator at Uppsala University should be able to provide you with more information about the procedure in your specific case.

Application deadline

Exchange students coming through a department or faculty agreement may have different deadlines other than 15 April for the autumn intake and 15 October for the spring intake. Please check with your department's or faculty's coordinator to find out which deadlines are relevant for your exchange studies and what form to use.


Please stay in touch with your department's or faculty's coordinator at Uppsala University after having submitted your application to get updates on your specific case.

Drop-in: Consult an International Officer

Meet with our International Officers to discuss your inquiries regarding your studies. You have the option to connect through Zoom or have an in-person meeting. Drop-in sessions are not available on public holidays and during breaks such as Christmas, Easter, and summer vacation.

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Other contact details

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