Work with students

At Uppsala University, you can find new staff and the latest expertise. As an employer, there are many ways that you can make contact with our enthusiastic students.

At CareerGate, you can advertise at no cost to find students to hire. For a fee, you can also target your job advert and highlight it to reach additional and better candidates.

Studentkraft matches real jobs from the private sector with students doing their projects work. The students gain relevant experience, and you gain an examination of your problem and opportunity to make early contact with potential future employees.

Uppstuk is a consultancy firm owned and operated by students, student associations, the University and several Uppsala companies. Its mission is to find staff and recruit for leading companies in Uppsala. Company owners like yourself can find student consultants in such areas as IT, life sciences and finance.

As an employer, you also have the opportunity to be seen at the targeted career fairs held annually by the university's student organisations.