About us

The Division of Signals and Systems was founded in 1996 and we conduct research in signal processing, automatic control, machine learning and wireless communications. Our research if primarily financed by the Swedish Research Council (VR), The Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), Sweden's Innovation Agency (VINNOVA) and The Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development (FORMAS).

At the Signals and Systems Division (SOS for Swedish signaler och system), we have been part of the fascinating development of electronics for a long time, first as a group under the Solid State Electronics (FTE) Division. The first holder of the chair of the discipline of solid state electronics (fasta tillståndets elektronik) was Per-Arne Tove, starting as a Laborator in Electronics in 1958. The position was later transformed into a chair professorship. Prof. Tove passed away in 1988 before reaching retirement age. In connection with the installation of a new professor, the discipline was renamed to electronics with specialisation in process and component technology. The holder of the chair professorship became Sören Berg.

When appointed professor and responsible for the Solid State Electronics Division, Sören Berg, professor 1990–2008, became responsible for two different groups: the Solid-State Electronics group and the Circuit Electronics group, the latter of which was responsible for the division's large undergraduate teaching on the engineering programs. As the research and development within the two groups expanded at a very fast pace, and Sören Berg wanted to focus on the solid-state electronics field, the Faculty of Science and Technology decided to divide the electronics program and create a chair position in Signal Processing with responsibilities for the circuit electronics group. Anders Ahlén was appointed the first holder of the chair in signal processing on 1996-07-01. At the same time, the Signals and Systems Division was founded.

Anders Ahlén held the chair until 2022-05-14. During this time frame, he was Head-of-Division, responsible for the research program Signals and Systems, and responsible for the PhD programs (FUAP) Signal Processing and Automatic Control, both of which were later changed to Electrical Engineering with Specialization in Signal Processing, and Automatic Control, respectively.

Subhrakanti Dey took up the chair position in Signal Processing 2022-05-15, with responsibilities as Head-of-Division, responsible for the research program Signals and Systems, and FUAP.


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  • Per-Arne Tove, 1958-1988, Electronics (Elektronik)

Introduced in 1958 as laborator (old Swedish university position researcher/forskare)

  • Sören Berg, 1990-2008, Electronics, with specialisation in process- and device technology (Elektronik, ssk process- och komponentteknologi)

In 1996, Sören Berg's division was divided and a new research program, Signals and Systems, was founded.

  • Anders Ahlén, 1996-2022, Signaler och system/Signals and Systems
  • Subhrakanti Dey, 2023- , Signaler och system/Signals and Systems