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Exchange Studies - FAQ

I already have a bachelor degree in psychology from another country than Sweden, is it possible for me to apply to the Master of Science in Psychology?

To get a degree in psychology in Sweden (which is the base for getting a certification as a psychologist - and be able to work as one) you have to get accepted to the Master of Science in Psychology Programme, a vocational education. The programme is taught in Swedish.

I want to study at Uppsala University at the Department of Psychology, how can I do to apply?

If you want to study in Sweden you need to apply to the university in Sweden, you can apply through University Admissions.

If you want more information about university studies in Swedish and how to apply, visit the website of the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

I want to do my exchange studies in psychology at the Department of Psychology but my university does not have an exchange agreement, what can I do?

The Department of Psychology only accepts students from the department's own Erasmus and Nordplus agreements and students that apply from their “home” university through the International office at Uppsala University.

For more information about exchange studies at Uppsala University, see Exchange studies at Uppsala University.

There is an agreement between another department at Uppsala University and my university, but I would like to study at the Department of Psychology, is that possible?

If you become an exchange student by the Erasmus program organized by the Uppsala University International office, you can study some courses in psychology. For more information, see Erasmus+.

The Department of Psychology does not have that many courses in English, most of the courses are taught in Swedish and therefore you need good knowledge in the Swedish language.