Articles, journals and newspapers

The Library provides access to thousands of print and electronic magazines and newspapers from around the world – in paper, online and on microfilm. You can find information on both print and electronic journals and newspapers in the Library Search Tool.

Search for articles in journals and newspapers

  • Many articles can be found from The Library Search Tool.
  • Articles can also be searched in the various databases the Library has access to (see below).
  • If you know the name of a periodical or newspaper, you can use Journal Search. This service also provides additional information such as where a given periodical is located and which years are available.

Swedish newspapers in databases

  • The database Retriever Research (Mediearkivet) contains all major Swedish daily newspapers and most rural newspapers. The starting year for access varies, and is always after 1980.
  • Artikelsök – search for articles in Swedish newspapers.
    Svenskt pressregister – register of articles in Swedish city newspapers 1880–1906.
  • The National Library's database Svenska tidningar (Swedish newspapers) – all Swedish newspapers from 2014 onwards. Start year for access varies. The database contains information about the access available for different newspapers. Newer articles cannot be read remotely. However, they can be read on designated computers at some of our libraries: At Almedalsbiblioteket there is a computer with full access in Room E39. In Uppsala one can book the computers that have access to Svenska dagstidningar:
    Book a computer at Carolina Library
    Book the computer at the Karin Boye Library
    Book the computer at the Library for Economic Sciences

Foreign newspapers in databases

  • PressReader – over 7000 newspapers from over 120 countries. The newspapers are available for 3 months. The content corresponds to the printed editions.
  • Factiva – news material from a number of countries in many languages, including daily newspapers and business magazines.
  • Mediestream – Danish digitised newspapers.
  • Nettbiblioteket – Norwegian digitised newspapers.
  • – search for articles in Danish newspapers.
  • Brages pressarkiv – search articles in Finnish newspapers
  • Historiska tidningsbiblioteket – digitised older Finnish newspapers.

We also have access to the following digitised newspapers:

Printed newspapers

Most of our libraries have a selection of Swedish newspapers that are generally only kept for a short time. A larger selection of Swedish and foreign newspapers can be found at the Carolina Library. There, today's newspapers are kept in the Periodical Reading Room (TLS). The Swedish newspapers are held for a week and the foreign ones for about a month.

  • Dagens Nyheter
  • Svenska Dagbladet
  • Upsala Nya Tidning
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine
  • Le Monde
  • Die Zeit

Printed Swedish newspapers from before 1851

Print versions of Swedish newspapers from before 1851 are available at the Carolina Library. You can request them at the information desk at the Carolina Library and read them in the Special Collections Reading Room. These newspapers can be searched in a card catalogue in the Special Collections Reading Room. Swedish newspapers from 1851 onwards are only available on microfilm.

Newspapers and journals on microfilm

Microfilmed newspapers can be read on special devices in the Library:

Microfilm at our libraries in Uppsala

In Uppsala you can use the microfilm room at the Carolina Library. The room is open at the same times as the rest of the Library and you do not need to book an appointment. The room also has microfilm readers with a print function.

Swedish newspapers

All Swedish newspapers are microfilmed for the period 1979–2013, and many of them have microfilm from the first year the newspaper in question was published.

Complete list of Swedish newspapers available on microfilm (pdf)

International newspapers

  • Al Hayat (1950:July–1976:March)
  • Hufvudstadsbladet (1864–)
  • Pravda (1953–1997:June)
  • The Times (1989–2001)
  • Washington Post (1984, 1987–2000)

Microfilm at Almedalsbiblioteket

At Almedalsbiblioteket, Gotland's newspapers are available on microfilm. In Room E39 there is a microfilm reader with a print function. Contact Almedalsbiblioteket to book.

Read and monitor e-journals in Browzine

Browzine allows you to search, read, save and stay updated on many of the Library's electronic journals:



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