Theses and dissertations – old (up to and including 1855)

The University Library's collection of old academic theses published in Sweden and Finland is virtually complete for the years 1600 to 1855. All old theses, or dissertations as they are also called, from Uppsala University can be found in LIBRIS. Many of these are also available digitally in DiVA. In some cases, old theses from other Swedish universities are also available in LIBRIS.

Search for old dissertations

  • The Library Search Tool – Go to Advanced search, select material type "Dissertations" to search for old dissertations (before 1855) available at Uppsala University Library. You can also limit your search by adding a publication year or interval to your search.
  • Libris – Click on "Material type/s" and select "Theses". For example, to search the 17th century, add 16?? in the field for year of publication.
  • DiVA – dissertations (and other materials) from Uppsala University in digital form. To search only old dissertations in DIVA, go to advanced search and click in the box "Dissertation (older thesis)".
  • List of Uppsala University Library's foreign dissertation collection (up to 1799) – Old foreign dissertations in the Library's collections.
Titelbladet till en avhandling från 1646

Lidén's and Marklin's lists of old dissertations

If you do not find what you are looking for in the search systems above, you can go to Johan Hinric Lidén's printed list of dissertations at the academies in Uppsala, Lund and Turku as well as at upper secondary schools (gymnasialdisputationer) and clergy meetings (prästmötesavhandlingar) up until 1777. The list is continued in two lists by Gabriel Marklin covering the period to 1855. Lidén's and Marklin's lists are available at the Carolina Library and in the Special Collections Reading Room. The copies in the Special Collections Reading Room contain many additional handwritten notes.

Some of the lists are available in digital form.

Swedish extra patriam dissertations

Swedish extra patriam dissertations, i.e. academic dissertations written by Swedes at foreign universities, are counted as Swedish, but are not included in the lists by Lidén and Marklin. These, together with other dissertations published abroad, are listed in a catalogue used primarily by Library staff. They should therefore be ordered manually, preferably with a reference to the source.

Access old academic theses

View digitised collections

Some of the collections have been digitised and are available in DiVA.

View collections that are not yet digitised

If you would like to study items that are not yet digitised, you are welcome to visit us and study the items on site or request a digital copy.


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