You can read about our maps and how to find and access them here.

Most of the map collections are located at Carolina Rediviva, but you can also find maps and atlases in various specialised areas at our subject libraries.

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The maps have been indexed in different ways over the years. Nowadays, maps are mainly registered in Alvin but also in the local catalogue of the University Library and the national library catalogue Libris. Start your search in Alvin.

Contents of the map collection

The University Library has large collections of printed and hand-drawn maps from the late Middle Ages to modern publications. Several of the Library's most famous treasures are maps, such as the Carta Marina, a map of the Nordic countries from 1539, and the Mexico Map, a hand-drawn map on parchment of Mexico City from around 1550.

Detalj ur Olof Rudbecks karta över Uppsala från 1679 som finns med i
atlasbandet Atland eller Manheim (Atlantica).

Detail from Olof Rudbeck's map of Uppsala from 1679, included in the atlas volume Atland or Manheim (Atlantica).

Hand-drawn maps

The map collections contain a number of hand-drawn maps of Sweden or parts of Sweden, such as counties, provinces, districts, parishes, maps of individual farms and city maps. Similar maps are also available for Finland. A separate category is Hand-drawn maps of Swedens wars. In total, there are around 2,300 maps from the early 17th century to the beginning of the 20th century. The hand-drawn maps have been digitised and can be found in Alvin: Hand-drawn maps.

How did the Library acquire its map collection?

The maps have been given to the Library as gifts, mainly through the donors Carl David Gyllenborg and Jacob Westin. These maps were previously listed in Åke Davidsson's catalogue Handritade kartor över Sverige i Uppsala universitetsbibliotek, 1956, which has been supplemented with information on maps that came to the Library after the mid-1950s.

Access the maps

View digitised maps

Many of the collections are digitised and can be viewed in Alvin.

View maps that have not yet been digitised

If you want to study material that has not yet been digitised, you are welcome to visit us and study the material on site or request a digital copy.

Handritad karta som visar bland annat Stockholm och Gotland.

Detail from the 17th century map "Geographisk charta utaff Swerige med dess provincier, förnämbsta och namnkunnigaste städer, siöar, strömmar och landswägar".


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