AI – artificiell intelligence

Today, artificial intelligence is being used in an increasing number of societal sectors, which will have a profound impact on our daily lives. Specialised computer systems are being introduced in medicine, education, finance, and transportation. How can we take advantage of the rapid development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and how do we prevent the risks?

Answering these questions requires knowledge of both technology and society. AI research at Uppsala University covers technology, law, philosophy and linguistics, as well as the workplace, politics, and health.

Stiliserad hjärna i blågrönt och lila.

Examples of ongoing research

AI-related research initiatives


AI4Research is a strategic five-year investment aimed at strengthening, updating and further developing interdisciplinary research and education in AI and machine learning.


Internet of Things Sverige – IoT Sweden

IoT Sweden is a program that supports and finances innovative IoT projects across the country. IoT itself is a collective term for things that are connected and can talk and share important information with us humans, an interconnection between our physical and digital world. The program is coordinated by Uppsala University.

Internet of Things Sverige

The Anders Wiklöf Institute for Heart Research

The Anders Wiklöf Institute for Heart Research is a research initiative whose goal is to better predict and prevent cardiovascular diseases by studying data from medical records. The institute brings together researchers in cardiovascular disease with experts in data science, artificial intelligence (AI), statistics, innovation, and management.

The Anders Wiklöf Institute for Heart Research