Funding doctoral studies

At Uppsala University, we primarily aim for employment to finance studies at the doctoral level. Resources for other funding, scholarships or other own funding, must be funds obtained in competition.

Doctoral students with employment as doctoral student may teach up to 40 hours per term. If the educational assignment exceeds this (but not more than 20%), the time spent teaching should be compensated with corresponding time for doctoral studies.

Salary ladder for doctoral students

Extension of funding for studies – prolongation

A person may be employed as a doctoral student for no more than eight years in total. However, the total period of employment may not exceed the equivalent of four years of full-time doctoral education.

Still, the period of employment may be longer if there are special reasons. Reasons may include leave due to illness, leave for service in the armed forces, leave for positions of trust in trade unions or student organisations, or parental leave.

Doctoral students who have worked with positions of trust in the university’s boards, committees and councils are compensated in the form of extended time for the thesis work. The intention is to compensate the doctoral student for the time spent, so that the positions of trust are neutral in relation to the net study time.

Guidelines for extending the period of employment and study for doctoral students in elected positions

Apply for extension

Doctoral students who have held positions of trust in one of the university’s boards, committees or councils should apply for compensation for an extension of their studies. The application must be made within the period of the doctoral studies but no earlier than six months before the end of the regular doctoral studies.

The Disciplinary Domain Board makes decisions on positions of trust funded by the Disciplinary Domain Board.

Doctoral students at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy must send their applications to the Faculty Office’s administrator of extension cases.

Send an application for extension to the Faculty Office’s administrator of extension cases

State your name, personal number, department, assignment and time in the application. Attach copies of signed meeting minutes to the application. The doctoral student and the department's economist will be notified of the decision.