General study syllabus and individual study plans

General study syllabus

For each subject in which doctoral-level education is offered, a general study syllabus is required. A general study syllabus should indicate the following: the main content of the study programme, specific entry requirements and any other regulations required.

General study syllabus – pharmaceutical sciences
General study syllabus – medical sciences

Individual Study Plan (ISP)

An Individual Study Plan should be drawn up for each doctoral student. The plan should include the commitments of the higher education institution and the doctoral student, and a timetable for the doctoral student’s education.

At Uppsala University, the individual study plan should contain information about

  • the intended degree;
  • a timetable for the doctoral student’s education;
  • a funding plan for the entire period of study;
  • planned courses, teaching, pedagogical training and/or other departmental work;
  • the organisation of the supervision; and
  • the specific conditions applicable to the studies.

Revising the Individual Study Plan

The individual study plan must be followed up annually and revised when necessary. For example, a revision is needed when changes are made to the research plan, when the study activities change or when there are changes in supervisors.

To report revisions, there are two relevant forms on Forms and templates under the heading “Follow-up of doctoral studies”.

Forms and templates