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Perugia, Italy. The University of Perugia attracts students from all over the world.

Perugia, Italy. The University of Perugia attracts students from all over the world.

At the Department of Earth Sciences, you have the opportunity to do part of your education abroad. By studying or doing an internship in another country, you have great opportunities to improve your language skills, increase your cultural understanding and gain a valuable qualification for the labour market. Studying abroad provides a unique experience and is for many students one of the best experiences during their entire study period.

Uppsala University has exchange agreements with over 400 universities in around 50 different countries.

Departmental exchanges, apply before 15 February

The application opens on 15 January and closes on 15 February for exchange studies the following academic year (ht/vt/ht+vt).

Students at the Department of Earth Sciences have the opportunity to go on student exchange to one of our 15 European partner universities. Take the opportunity to study abroad with all that it entails - learn a new language, meet new people and get to know a new culture!

After your exchange studies, you will write about your experiences and participate in various information activities to inform others.

Uppsala University has exchange agreements with over 400 universities in around 50 different countries.

The exchange agreements at the Faculty of Science and Technology are signed with universities considered interesting in the field of science and technology and usually cover a wider range of subjects.

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There are also a large number of agreements available for students across the university.

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Through Erasmus+, you can receive a grant to carry out a traineeship, field study or other study-related activity for 2-12 months in a company, organisation or university in the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Serbia or Turkey.

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Note! The application should contain everything in the list below.

Application opens 15/1 and closes 15/2, for exchange studies next academic year (Fall/Spring/Fall+Spring).

Apply here in the system MoveOn

Your application will be judged by the Coordinator of Exchange studies, the Head of studies on basic and advanced level, and a teacher representative. All parts of your application will be taken into consideration when the exchange positions are filled.

Mandatory list

  • Academic Purpose Statement, the essay should be maximum of 600 words and written in English. Why you in particular? Why there in particular? How does the exchange contribute to your future?
  • Transcript of records (from all your university studies)
  • List of universities, you can not apply to solely one university, you have to apply to a minimum of three universities. List the universities in order of priority or, if you wish, prioritize all universities equally.
  • Course proposal, a preliminary choice of courses for each university you apply to. Often only the previous year's courses are available on the partner university's websites. You will make your final choice once you have been accepted, and sometimes when you arrive at the exchange university.

Studies from other higher education institutions, Swedish and foreign, can often be included in a degree. This is regulated in the Higher Education Ordinance. In order for an assessment to be made, you must be admitted to and study at the university.

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Whether you know where you want to go or if you are just curious to know more about an exchange or traineeship, contact the department's coordinator for exchange studies to find out more: