Other possibilities abroad

In addition to the opportunities for exchange studies that Uppsala University offers, there are also other opportunities to go abroad. Below you can get acquainted with the open opportunities that the Faculty of Science and Technology currently offers.

  • SEL Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, Atsugi, Tokyo - Thesis/Internship
    SEL is offering Swedish students (up to three persons a year) a possibility of carrying out master thesis. The company has approximately 800 employees, mainly young researchers. Its income comes from contract research and patents. The owner of the company, Dr. Shunpei Yamazaki, holds over 10000 patents, including fundamental technologies for flash memory and future display technology. Thesis opportunities at SEL are announced via the Sweden Japan Foundation.
  • Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Tokyo - Summer Internship
    The University of Tokyo offers a seven-week summer internship. Participants will conduct a research project under supervision. The internship also provides the opportunity to experience Japanese culture and world-leading Japanese technology through weekend events and a field trip.
  • SACC, several locations USA - Internship
    Swedish-Amerikanska Chambers of Commerce have open internships at multiple locations.
  • Swedish Chambers of Commerce Taipei - Praktik/Internship
    You must be swedish citizen and speak Mandarin. The internship is financed with a scholarship for one year starting June 2023.

Courses abroad

  • ENLIGHT - autumn courses 2023
    ENLIGHT is a pilot project finances by the European Commision to drive development of new types of education to meet future challenges. Now there is a possibility to apply to courses at european universities via ENLIGHT. The courses are mostly given online, but also contains an intensive week with travelling scholarship at a university at one of the nine countries in the ENLIGHT alliance.
  • MCI Innsbruck, Austria - short program on campus and online
    The winter short program takes place in February and offers courses on undergraduate level in technology and entrepreneurship. Participants can choose courses from both disciplines, with the possibility of choosing up to four courses and must choose a minimum of two as pre-requisite. The courses are given entirely on campus or online. If you are interested or have questions, contact exchange-samint@angstrom.uu.se
  • Aalto university, Finland – Course in Digital entrepreneurship on campus. The course (6 ECTS) takes place 6-17 March 2023 and is organised by Aalto University School of Business. Course focus is on digital technologies as a tool for building companies. The course is given entirely on campus. Bachelor's degree required. If you are interested or have questions, contact exchange-teknat@uu.se
  • University centre in Svalbard, Svalbard - autumn- and spring semester
    Possibility to apply for courses at The University Center in Svalbard during both autumn- and spring semester. Courses with the focus on the Arctic in the fields of biology, geology, geophysics and technology are available in the course catalogue. If you are interested or have questions, contact exchange-teknat@uu.se

Summer courses